About CRWA

CRWA operates the Lake Dunlap Water Treatment Plant at Lake Dunlap just southwest of New Braunfels, Texas on the Guadalupe River and the Hays/Caldwell Water Treatment Plant on the San Marcos River east of San Marcos. The Dunlap Plant is rated at 16.4 million gallons per day and the Hays/Caldwell at 6 million gallons per day capacity.

CRWA is a major purchaser of Raw Water from the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority. GBRA sells CRWA stored raw water from Canyon Lake and CRWA diverts this water from Lake Dunlap to the Lake Dunlap WTP. In addition GBRA diverts water from Lake Dunlap and via pipeline delivers water to the Hays/Caldwell WTP.

CRWA operates the Wells Ranch project.  Water is obtained from Leases in Gonzales and Guadalupe Counties and the treatment plant is located in Guadalupe County.  The Wells Ranch treatment plant transmitts water from the plant to the Liessner Road Booster station and on to the Mid-Cities pipeline system. The plant is capable of producing 7.2 million a day.

CRWA in conjuction with the Cities of San Marcos, Kyle and Buda have been working on development of water in Caldwell and Gonzales Counties.  An entity called the Hays Caldwell Pubilic Utility Agency has been formed between the enties.  The project is envisioned to supply water to the IH 35 cooridor in the San Marcos area.

CRWA also through inter-local agreements purchases water from Springs Hill WSC and supplies to East Central, Green Valley and the City of La Vernia Carrizo groundwater pumped in Guadalupe county. CRWA is working with its Member Entities on acquiring future water rights from groundwater and surface water in the Cibolo, Guadalupe, San Antonio and San Marcos River basins.