Board of Trustees & Agendas

TrusteesMeeting Agendas

2018/2019 – Effective May 14, 2018

Board Officials

Albert Strzelczyk – President

Bill Seiler- Vice President

Mike Taylor- Treasurer

Jack Carson – Secretary

Board Members

Crystal Clear

Mike Taylor (May 2020)

Jack Carson (May 2019)

Green Valley

Dennis Dreyer (May 2020)

Jackie Nolte (May 2019)

City of Cibolo

Timothy Fousse (May 2020)

Ted Gibbs (May 2019)


Steven Fonville (May 2020)

Scott Smith (May 2019)

City of La Vernia

Martin Poore (May 2020)

Robert Gregory (May 2019)


Doris Steubing (May 2020)

Doug Spillmann (May 2019)

City of Marion

Alex Gonzalez  (May 2020)

Bill Seiler (May 2019)

Springs Hill

Steve Ramsey (May 2020)

Atilano Aguero (May 2019)

County Line

Doug Schnautz (May 2020)

Barbara Ilse (May 2019)

East Central

James Pederson (May 2020)

Albert Strzelczyk (May 2019)

City of Converse

Dr. Jerry K. Riley (May 2020)

Jon Lindgren (May 2019)